Paintings of Silence

Since 2013, Lea Jade has been dedicating herself to the expression of silence. In our world, such quality has become very rare. The contemporaries are always surrounded and surround themselves with sounds that arise from the environment or entertainment.

 What’s impressive is that the composer wants to emphasize and achieve this quality of being. In silence, Jade finds inner worlds that manifest in a non-conceptual space. Delicate colors are applied one after the other and lead into a depth, from where they express the course of thoughts and feelings from within the artist. “Many would spontaneously say that silence is like nothing. How can you get anything from there?” But Jade shows the opposite. In her paintings, she expresses her inner worlds, which she finds in silence.

 "Smile", 170 x 150 cm, Acryl auf Leinwand, 2015



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