L E A    J A D E

Contribution: Moritz Brückner

Lea Jade is a synesthete: She has the rare gift of hearing colors. The studied musicologist and composer writes her own compositions and transfers them layer by layer onto canvas. When music is being played, Jade can see its mood and rhythm in colors and transfers them into her canvas.


In Jade's so-called soundscapes, the sound of colors and the color of sounds go hand in hand. The basic principle of her work is the succession of several color layers that result from music impressions. While listening to sounds, new manifestations of colors are constantly created during the painting process, resulting in a perfect painting, but in chronological order. This temporal sequence can be experienced in the respective layers. The observer should not only look at the surface, but should also analytically dig deep into the depth of the color layers and sound impressions. The instruments themselves and the characters of the tones are decisive for the translation of sound into color.


In addition to her own compositions, Jade paints a wide variety of music genres, from jazz, classical to electronic music; Lea Jade is inspired by compositions that touch her. She loves collaborations and also works on commissions that inspire her. The artist has successfully sold her paintings to numerous companies, notaries, sponsorship houses and interior designers.


Contribution: Artoui